Charity Care

Charity Care


Charity Care Program

We are a non-profit organization because we believe that everyone deserves the highest quality of care regardless of their ability to pay. This belief led to our charity care program where we provide expert infusion nursing care, free of charge to patients that are uninsured, under insured or have no coverage for our services. This is an ongoing program which stands as a pillar of our organization. We strive to provide as much care as possible through this program each year, especially as we grow and expand our reach.

Many of the patients receiving our charity care are currently on Medicaid insurance, in order to qualify for Medicaid programs a family of four's income can't exceed $33,000 per year. Chronic illness generally leads to a single income as one person becomes the caregiver or patient requiring the other to provide for the family. We truly believe that when someone is ill, and in many cases chronically ill their first concern should be their health, not how will they afford the care they need. We strive to minimize hospital visits for all of our patients and by doing so are able to save the taxpayers money.

In 2018, our nurses provided over $120,000 in free care to patients in this program.